This is Our Weirdest Juice Ingredient – But It’s Also Our Favorite!

Cold-pressed juice containing E-3 Live on bed of succulents

It feels like I am being introduced to the new “#1 superfood” at least once a week. Whether it’s kale, goji berries, or wheatgrass, a new, nutrient-packed miracle food is introduced, only to be overshadowed by the next week’s new trending food. Here is one you may not have heard of: E-3 Live.

Curious? So was I! Turns out, E-3 Live is truly difficult to beat as the #1 superfood.

What Is It?

And what does it have to do with cold-pressed juices?

E-3 Live is a form of algae call AFA (aphanizomenon flos-aquae). This very specific type of algae is harvested from Upper Klamath Lake in Oregon, one of the few unpolluted lakes left on earth! It is the only fresh frozen algae.

AFA is believed to be the world’s first protein. Using photosynthesis, E-3 Live creates so much protein that it contains 64% protein. Traditional animal proteins, such as steak and chicken, only contain 22%. It also contains 11 vitamins, 65 minerals, and omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids. All of these benefits combine to provide a long list of health benefits that help your body thrive! This includes boosting the immune system, increasing energy, assisting in weight loss, and even fighting depression.

Not Convinced E-3 Live is a True Superfood?

Let’s compare E-3 Live to another popular superfood: wheatgrass.

One of the primary benefits of a wheatgrass shot is high amounts of chlorophyll. This substances allows plants to turn sunlight into food, but it can also help fight cancer, aid digestion, and detox your liver. E-3 Live contains 3-5 times the amount of chlorophyll and wheatgrass contains NONE of the protein of E-3 Live.

Best of all, you don’t HAVE to take E-3 Live as a shot that tastes like your lawn, or throw it into your salad and pretend you like it because it tastes good for you. E-3 Live is included in every bottle of our Fully Loaded, Eye Love, and Rawbrah juices – so you’ve probably already been drinking it without even noticing! You can purchase a single shot (for those trying to finally kick that wheatgrass habit, but don’t want to go cold turkey).

This also means that going on one of our juice cleanses will not make you completely devoid of protein! Each of our juice cleanses contains at least one bottle of a juice containing E-3 Live, keeping you full and helping build muscle even while you take a break from solid foods.

Come in and meet the best and oldest #1 superfood!

What do you think of E-3 Live? Are you ready try it, or is algae where you draw the line? Share your thoughts with us on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter! We can’t wait to hear from you!

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