At Fully Loaded we believe that Hippocrates was hip!
“Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food.”

Owner Kaz Murphy has worked as a life coach and medical advocate for several years, working with physically and mentally ill clients.

A devout juicer and smoothie whiz for the last 20 years, he decided to start introducing natural juices into his clients’ diets. Kaz knows firsthand that the conventional hospital food patients receive is not health oriented in the least. So, as clients were recovering from various procedures, Kaz began to slowly and methodically incorporate juice recipes which were specific to their individual needs.

It was an easy sell because the juices taste so undeniably delicious. Over time, patients consistently began showing and expressing positive results. Kaz can’t even show up anymore without his trusty bottles of Fully Loaded juice, as it is the very first thing many clients request when he pokes his head through their doors.

Co-owner Jacqueline Grad, Kaz’s wife, also had an experience years ago with food as medicine when a good friend became seriously ill.

She cultivated an organic garden in Encinitas, using local heirloom seeds from Mission Beach, and cooked healthy meals fresh from the garden all summer long for her recovering friend. She researched the benefits of combining certain foods for healing, like lima beans and cilantro, and the Gerson method of healing through fresh-picked organic produce and raw juice.She applied this knowledge, along with her love of Mediterranean cooking and food as medicine, to help others heal through the cold pressed raw juice recipes she designs.

It is with these experiences in mind that Kaz and Jacqueline launched Fully Loaded Micro Juicery in December, 2012.

The cold pressing process does not heat or oxidize the produce like the common centrifugal juicing method does.

Cold-pressed juice was therefore the only way for Fully Loaded Juicery to go. Vitamins, enzymes, trace minerals and all of the valuable nutrition of the fruits and vegetables stay intact, making for pure, vibrant-colored juice recipes that are exceptionally healthy and taste out of this world! Our juice has no pulp, so that upon entering the body, all those vital vitamins and mighty minerals go directly into your cells for an immediate, energizing impact.

There are about 3 pounds of produce in 1 bottle of Fully Loaded juice!

Yes, our juice is FULLY loaded! All raw, organic, and unpasteurized, our juice remains stable with all nutrients and enzymes alive for 72 hours when kept properly refrigerated. The shelf life is 4-5 days, but it is best to drink Fully Loaded juice within 72 hours for full effect. Let us make note that at Fully Loaded we work hard to keep our pricing as affordable as possible so that everyone can benefit. But we can assure you the juices that you find in plastic bottles, while less expensive, will not be able to touch our superior level of quality and wholeness. That being said, drink up and feel the difference!

You can pre-order and pick up your juice at Fully Loaded Micro Juicery, or we can deliver it right to your door.

Doctors used to make house calls; milkmen used to deliver milk daily; and now you can pre-order your organic juice recipes and Juice Feasts online, over the phone, at one of the various farmer’s markets where we sell, or at our shop.

We will deliver our cold-pressed juice fresh to your home, office, yoga studio, gym or school!

We are a local company that will always remain local as our juices must be made fresh and delivered immediately after production.

We are proud to be a part of the conscientious and artistic North County Community. Our juices will arrive at your door in beautiful round Paragon glass bottles in freezer packs so that they remain pure and fresh until they are immediately transferred to your refrigerator. Upon your second order, you will return the empty bottles and freezer pack, and we will juice you up again! There is no charge for deliveries to folks 65 years or older who are bed bound or in recovery. There will be a charge for all other deliveries.


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Two 3 Day Cleanses




5 Juices and 1 Almond Milk




5 Juices and 1 Almond Milk each day




5 Juices and 1 Almond Milk each day