Why drink cold pressed juice?

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“Eat your vegetables!” “5 servings of fruits and vegetables per day!”

We’re all familiar with these refrains, and they’re good ones to heed.

It’s a fact: Our bodies need nutrients that only fresh fruits and vegetables can provide. But, given the hectic pace of today’s world, how can we squeeze in the number of fruits and vegetables our bodies require to keep us functioning at our full potential?

The answer is just that: squeeze the nutrition from 3-5 pounds of raw, fresh, locally sourced, 100% organic produce into your diet in every time you drink a pint of our delicious, cold pressed juice.

Cold pressing means fruit and vegetable juices are extracted right from the source and are fully loaded with the freshest, most natural and readily-absorbed vitamins, minerals, and living enzymes your body needs to maintain optimal health.

Why drink cold pressed juice? Our bodies are living, vital systems. They know the difference between healthy, fresh ingredients and processed foods.

Think about what your everyday existence demands of your body, and ask yourself whether you are feeding it what it needs to thrive. Are you ingesting healthy fats from organic almonds or partially hydrogenated vegetable oil from a factory? Do your vitamins come from fresh fruits and vegetables or from a chemical processing facility?

Our cold pressed juice comes Fully Loaded with the vitamins, minerals, and living enzymes only available from 100% organic produce.

Our juice is never pasteurized, and we will never store our healthful, flavorful creations in plastic; that would defeat the purpose!

Juice Cleanse San DiegoAnd at Fully Loaded Micro Juicery, our purpose is simple: To deliver to you juices of the purest variety, sourced from 100% organic fruits and vegetables, and blended in recipes that are as nutritious as they are delicious. So start enjoying the benefits of cold pressed juice today. Why drink cold pressed juice? Because Fully Loaded juice is the perfect way to squeeze better nutrition into your busy lifestyle!

Your Good Health is Our Inspiration!

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