Three Day Cleanse


A 3-day raw juice cleanse can make your body bloom with health and vigor—a lightness of being and rejuvenation at a cellular level—due to the influx of massive amounts of live enzymes, phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals and calcium.  Each day you receive 5 organic cold-pressed juices and 1 almond mylk.


If you want more calories in your cleanse, opt for our house-made Foodie Pack which includes Seed Crackers and Cashew Cream Cheese, Raw Pizza Pie, Taco Kale Chips, Coco-Nutz Granola, and an extra Vanilla Almond Mylk for your breakfast smoothie to add fruit, banana, or protein powder ($33). We are happy to customize your cleanse based on your dietary needs and goals at your request.


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Designed to provide you with enough nutrients so you won’t feel “starved.”  Beginning with Day 1, the caloric intake is gradually reduced from about half fruit based juices, alternating with green juices, on Day 1, to almost all green juices on Day 3.   Each day finishes with a filling creamy almond mylk recipe for fats, carbs and calcium.


DAY 1:

Alkalizes and hydrates the body, boosting immunity and improving circulation; reduces inflammation.


DAY 2:

Liver and bladder cleanser, anti-inflammatory


DAY 3:

Body flush, colon, and intestine cleanse, amino acids.


Substitutions permitted on request.

To ensure we have all the flavors available, please order your cleanse at least 24 hours in advance.

No refunds if you do not pick up your juice as scheduled, or if you are not at home at time of scheduled delivery.

Cancellations require 24 hours advance notice.

NOTE:  due to seasonal availability, our cleanse menu changes from time to time.

FULLY LOADED …. FULLY LOVED   We love our customers!  We all contribute to zero waste in our lovely corner of the planet when our beautiful glass paragon bottles made in the USA can be re-used over and over again.  We love it when you return your clean used bottles to us, no lids, and we then sanitize and re-use them (please recycle the lids).  Each clean bottle returned earns you 1 punch card point worth $1 toward a free juice.  Eleven points earns you a free juice!

Delivery Available — $15 within 15 miles of any location, or within 1 mile of our Juice Wagon Route.

Pickup Preference

I’ll pick up each day separately, I’ll pick up 2 days together, I’ll pick up 3 days together

First Pickup Day

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Pickup Time

7am-noon, 3pm-6pm