Fully Loaded Juice Encinitas - Raw organic juice

Each jar of Fully Loaded Juice contains the nutrients from three to four pounds of organic produce.

 This approximates a salad two feet in diameter and a foot high!  Too much for one person to eat, yet easily consumed in a 16 oz cold-pressed juice, several times a day, with great health benefits.  Our recipes are based on ancient food combining customs along with superfood additives and emphasize locally grown, seasonal produce.

Add on our Foodie Pack for healing raw foods to go along with your juice.

Raw Juice Cleanses

One Day Cleanse


Raw Juice Cleanses

Two Day Cleanse


Raw Juice Cleanses

Three Day Cleanse



Providing a great introduction to a juice cleanse, with five balanced recipes of 16 oz. cold-pressed juices and one 16 oz. thick and creamy almond mylk with root vegetables, dates and cardamon. We call it the “Start Me UP” cleanse as it is the perfect low-impact way to start your body acclimating to our nutrient-dense products.

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Enjoy two days of raw organic juice and nut mylks any time, but we call this the “Weekend Cleanse” as it is a perfect way to spend a relaxing or invigorating weekend, while dousing your system with live phytonutrients.  Five 16 oz. cold-pressed juices and one 16 oz. thick and creamy almond mylk recipe each day.

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Our signature cleanse! Allow your body to bloom with health and vigor! Infuse yourself with a lightness of being and rejuvenation at a cellular level. Massive amounts of live enzymes, phytonutrients, vitamins, and minerals give your whole system the reset it needs.  Five 16 oz. cold-pressed juices and one thick and creamy 16 oz. almond mylk recipe each day.

$199.00 Select options

Substitutions permitted on request.

To ensure we have all the flavors available, please order your cleanse at least 24 hours in advance.

No refunds if you do not pick up your juice as scheduled, or if you are not at home at time of scheduled delivery.

Cancellations require 24 hours advance notice.

NOTE: due to seasonal availability, our cleanse menu changes from time to time.

FULLY-LOADED-...-FULLY-LOVED We love our customers! We all contribute to zero waste in our lovely corner of the planet when our beautiful glass paragon bottles made in the USA can be re-used over and over again. We love it when you return your clean use bottles to us, no lids, and we then sanitize and re-use them (please recycle the lids).

DELIVERY AVAILABLE:  $15 per delivery within 5 miles of a retail location or within 5 miles of our regular Juice Wagon route.  Free pick-up at any of our Juice Wagon pit stops near you.  Free delivery to your business location if we already have a Pit Stop scheduled at your facility.

BOTTLE RETURN REWARDS:  Earn Customer Loyalty Reward points toward free juice by returning your clean bottles to us.