Get Rewarded!

Get Rewarded for Drinking Healthily!

Fully Loaded Micro Juicery is changing our reward policy. But don’t worry, all of the points you have acquired so far will be converted and go directly onto your new rewards card. We will now be giving you points for every clean, empty bottle that you return to us.

Return 11 bottles and get a free juice!


Prefer Cash?

For the next week (through Friday, June 26) we will still be giving you good old cash
for returned bottles.

Our bottles are manufactured in Arkansas, and at the moment there is a bit of a shortage. As you know, Fully Loaded will never use plastic bottles! So, if we all work together, we’ll make it through this glass bottle drought. Next time you’re coming into the shop, please remember to bring all of your empties with you. You will be helping us greatly and leaving with cash or free juice.

Thank you all for being such fantastic and loyal customers!

Your Good Health is Our Inspiration!

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