Our Cold Pressed Juice Pressing Process

Cold Pressed Juice Pressing Process

Our Cold Pressed Juice Pressing Process

Have you ever wondered how our cold pressed juice pressing process works? We’re super diligent about the way we make our cold pressed juice! Here’s how it happens.

We carefully blend our 100% organic seasonal juice recipes in small, artisan batches.

  1. Our organic produce is washed in filtered water and then put directly into the chute of our juicer, where the suction force takes it into a grinder—not unlike a cheese grater! Our process keeps the temperature cool and enzymes and phytonutrients intact. (Yumo!)
  2. The newly ground produce falls into the press bag, and the stainless steel plates press out the juice with 21,000 pounds (that’s 10.5 tons!) of pressure. This process extracts all of the juice (we press multiple times) and leaves the pulp as dry as sawdust, ensuring you’re getting the best of the best of the good stuff.

Our process ensures a clean and sanitary product Fully Loaded’s cold pressed juice Press is ETL certified and made right here in California! And, unlike some juice companies, our juice press is certified under California Health Code. 🙂

That’s just a little more about how we make our über fresh, Fully Loaded cold pressed juice. Come on by to watch us make some or to take a sip (or many). The proof is in the juice!

Your Good Health is Our Inspiration!

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